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Daddy, Let’s Play!

Subject Video Games; Father-Daughter Bonding Description Daddy, Let’s Play! is a tale of the special bond between a father and daughter. In this story, Milah has spent many nights playing video games with her father until one night; he doesn’t come home. Milah dives into her video game […]

Greenwood Closes $3 Million Seed Round To Build Online Banking Solution for Black and Latinx People

Subject Banking; Greenwood; Online Banking Description The venture was founded by Ambassador Andrew Young, Michael Killer Mike’ Render, and Ryan Glover. Creator Greenwood Financial Source https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/greenwood-closes-3-million-seed-round-to-build-online-banking-solution-for-blacks-and-latinx-301147915.html Publisher prnewswire.com File

Meet the Father and His 3 Sons Who’ve Created the First Ever Virtual Video Business Card Service

Subject Pioneering Black Entrepreneurship; Business; Technology Description Pioneering Black Entrepreneurship: Gregory Cherry, an African American father, and his three sons, Greg Jr, Isaac, and Isaiah, invented a new technology that allows business owners to virtually share a video version of their business cards to all social media platforms. […]

A Wireless Power Transfer System (Wpts) Using Misalignment Resilient, On-Fabric Resonators for Wearable Applications

Subject Fabric-integrated, wireless power transfer, wearable applications Description This paper demonstrates a fabric-integrated, near-zone wireless power transfer system, which uses a newly developed misalignment resilient antennae for inductive power transfer in wearable applications. The antenna consists of an anchor-shaped geometry, which combines electric and magnetic field couplings in […]

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