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Exploring Parental Identities: How Single Black Males Understand Fatherhood in the Absence of Their Fathers

Subject Single Fathers; Parenting; Research Description This qualitative study was exploratory and involved collecting and analyzing data from Single Black fathers in Northern California raised without a father in the home. Creator Quintin Leon Robinson Source https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/10.1177/00219347211029311?casa_token=cKo4Chwv31kAAAAA%3AsPhBJb2v20a_nmVzJlw50ieOrn70VI2iQqTo9eFxiJZcYJuSd6qfab4LbgpKndvh7zIoOga9Oow Publisher journals.sagepub.com File

Balancing Business and Babies: How This Dad Makes It Happen

Subject Parenting; Fatherhood; Self-Care Description Family life can get strained once people venture into entrepreneurship. Some founders put having children on the back burner to pursue their dreams, while others find ways to handle parenthood and running a startup. Creator Arriana McLymore Source https://afrotech.com/balancing-business-and-babies-how-this-dad-makes-it-happen Publisher afrotech.com File

Find Jonah a Home for Christmas! Texas Boy, 12, Who Is Praying To Be Adopted After Four Years in Foster Care Says God Is the Reason He Still Smiles

Subject Parenting; Foster Care; Texas Description A 12-year-old Texas boy, who is praying to be adopted, says God is why he’s still smiling despite being in foster care. Creator MARY KEKATOS Source https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7790333/Texas-boy-12-praying-adopted-says-God-reason-smiles-years-foster-care.html Publisher dailymail.co.uk File

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