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Bag Lady’s Chip & Fry Co. Prepares to Set Up Shop on Buchanan Street

Subject Food Truck; Buchanan Street; Littleton brothers Description Following the success of their food truck, the Littleton brothers don’t want to be your side dish Creator MARGARET LITTMAN Source https://www.nashvillescene.com/food_drink/features/bag-lady-s-chip-fry-co-prepares-to-set-up-shop-on-buchanan-street/article_46013392-8ea3-11ec-ba70-e3ab2f21f5df.html?utm_medium=social&fbclid=IwAR1vZ9YSi4zzJNZeOifUBAVoaC1gwRIAU-6GQfg-KF5UiGtgJuffx-yFHSs Publisher nashvillescene.com File

Snoop Dogg Now Owns Death Row Records

Subject Snoop Dogg; Death Row Records; Music Description Snoop Dogg has taken over the famous record label that launched his stellar career. The investment firm announced Wednesday that the rapper-mogul acquired Death Row Records’ brand from MNRK Music Group, controlled by a private equity fund managed by Blackstone. […]

John James Sr. Drove Past the Obstacles and Is Now Passing It On

Subject Transportation; People; Detroit Description John A. James Sr.’s foray into the trucking business in 1971 started when he learned of an opportunity to haul Schlitz beer from Milwaukee to Detroit for a local beer distributor. Creator Chad Livengood  Source https://www.crainsdetroit.com/people/john-james-sr-drove-past-obstacles-now-hes-passing-it Publisher Crainsdetroit.com File

Alkebu-Lan Images, Black owned bookstore in North Nashville, marks 35 years with record profits

Subject Book Store; Business; Authors Description Alkebu-Lan Images, a bright yellow shop nestled in the heart of North Nashville for the past 35 years, has always been more than a bookstore to its owner.  Creator WaTeasa Freeman Source https://www.tennessean.com/story/news/2021/08/13/alkebu-lan-images-north-nashville-black-owned-bookstore-yusef-harris-marks-35-years/5135272001/?fbclid=IwAR3QWkdt44c5fgwIUp8PDD85yuIyT2Js1Zqp3IVYeqj0PJRYOEfqVGlcP7U Publisher tennessean.com File

Slutty Vegan and Big Dave Cheesesteaks Owners Gift Thousands of Atlanta Black Men With Life Insurance

Subject Community; Business; Atlanta Description Atlanta entrepreneurs use their platform to gift Black men with life insurance. Creator Christian Spencer Source https://www.blackenterprise.com/slutty-vegan-and-big-dave-cheesesteaks-owners-gift-thousands-of-atlanta-black-men-with-life-insurance/?test=prebid Publisher blackenterprise.com File

Remember When Black Men Just Wanted To Be Left Alone in Starbucks? 3 Years Later, We’re Still Trying Not To Get Shot | Opinion

Subject Profiling; Opinion Description WASHINGTON — Three years ago, after two Black men were arrested simply for sitting in a Philadelphia Starbucks, I sat in one of the chains’ locations in Woodbridge, N.J., to test out the company’s new policy, which allowed customers to hang out in Starbucks […]

Alpha Phi Alpha Brother Creates Platform That Helps Small African and Caribbean Grocery Stores Become More Accessible

Subject Business; Community; Alpha Phi Alpha Description Grocers Turnkey Platform; Ethnic grocery stores are central institutions for many African and Caribbean immigrant communities in the US. A brother of Alpha Phi Alpha has created a solution to keep them viable and profitable. Creator Watch The Yard Source https://www.watchtheyard.com/alphas/boyede-sobitan/?fbclid=IwAR2IBfx2-HbiYfoctjrfjOW5aYGFY281ZygavfbOD5FMD4dL07uU-ZJLzm8 […]

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