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National Leaders of ‘100 Black Men’ Organization Visit Tulsa

Subject Tulsa; Tulsa Race Massacre; Oklahoma; 100 Black Men Description Tulsa, Oklahoma – The national leaders of 100 Black Men of America are in Tulsa to commemorate the centennial of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre. Creator http://www.newson6.com Source https://www.newson6.com/story/60b5625cfa261f3e924f59e3/national-leaders-of-100-black-men-organization-visit-tulsa Publisher http://www.newson6.com File

Positively the Heartland: Finding a Father Figure Through 100 Black Men of Omaha

Subject Fatherhood; 100 Black Men; Nebraska Description Omaha, Nebraska (KMTV) – Shaping Jammal Hunter; Jammal Hunter didn’t have a father figure and struggled without it. Creator Isabella Basco Source https://www.3newsnow.com/rebound/positively-the-heartland/positively-the-heartland-finding-a-father-figure-through-100-black-men-of-omaha Publisher 3newsnow.com File

‘What They See, Is What They’ll Be’. The 100 Black Men of Greater Charlotte Host First Community Panel

Subject Unity; Ending Gun Violence; 100 Black Men Description The discussion included ways to address the city’s growing violence through mentorship, partnership, and community funding. Creator Briana Harper Source https://www.wcnc.com/article/news/crime/what-they-see-is-what-theyll-be-the-100-black-men-of-greater-charlotte-host-first-community-panel/275-c0eb5855-5f9c-443c-86ab-b398c23cbcf1 Publisher wcnc.com File

Vaux H.S. mentoring program has lost two students to gun violence. Now, 100 Black Men is out to save the rest.

Subject Manhood; Mentoring Program; Vaux High School Description The single most important thing that the mentors do for their mentees is show up. Many of the participants don’t have fathers at home. Creator Jenice Armstrong Source https://www.inquirer.com/opinion/gun-violence-mentor-100-black-men-manhood-philly-vaux-jenice-armstrong-20210326.html Publisher inquirer.com File

‘100 Black Men’ Creates Virtual Learning Venue

Subject Education; Pandemic; 100 Black Men Description Schools reopening in recent weeks triggered parents to choose between traditional instruction and virtual learning. Creator Amanda M. Usher Source https://www.valdostadailytimes.com/news/local_news/100-black-men-creates-virtual-learning-venue/article_dcdddf73-c25e-57a8-8ab4-3cc5213607bd.html Publisher valdostadailytimes.com File

100 Black Men of Greater Mobile, Al Establish 2 Scholarships

Subject Scholarship Opportunity; Higher Education; Alabama Description The University of South Alabama and 100 Black Men of Greater Mobile have partnered to establish two scholarship opportunities for undergraduate students, the University announced Monday. Creator WKRG Staff Source https://www.wkrg.com/mobile-county/usa-100-black-men-of-greater-mobile-establish-2-scholarships/ Publisher wkrg.com File

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