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Black Men During the Pandemic: A Historical Account

Subject Covid-19; Pandemic; Description The COVID-19 pandemic has hit all of humankind severely. It hit the poor, the migrants, and the Black community more than others. However, certain groups have been “double disadvantaged” — affected by the pandemic more than others due to their social status.  According to the WHO, “Unequal living conditions are a […]

Documentaries on Black Men and Boys — What do they say?

Subject Documentaries; Narratives; Black Men and Boys Description While everyone knows or at least wants to know about Malcolm X or the perceived high drug abuse rate among African Americans, very few know about the regular men from the Black community — they are the fathers, doctors, and even military personnel who walk around their […]

The Black Cabinet: The Road to a New Deal

Subject Black Cabinet; New Deal; President Franklin D Roosevelt Description The Black Cabinet consisted of a group of working-class African American professionals whose purpose was to perform an advisory role to President D. Roosevelt during his administration from 1933 to 1945. This informal entity actively fought for the rights of African American communities to equal […]

Key Developments From Second CSSBMB Meeting

Subject Government Commissions, Black men and youth, Social Status Description The Commission on Social Status of Black Men and Boys (CSSBMB) held a public business meeting virtually on January 14. The meeting was chaired by Florida’s 24th congressional district representative Fredricka Wilson. Rep. Wilson opened the meeting by talking about the need to “remain vigilant” […]