For a Black Man Hired to Undo a Confederate Legacy, It Has Not Been Easy

Subject Devon Henry; Construction; Confederate Statuary; Monuments Description Devon Henry and his company have taken down 23 monuments in the South, including the infamous Robert E. Lee statue in Virginia, in part because few others were interested. Creator By Matt Stevens Source Publisher File

It’s Been 75 Years, And People Still Don’t Give Jackie Robinson His Respect

Subject Jackie Robinson; Baseball; Color Barrier; Opinion Description This year, on April 15, every player on every Major League Baseball team will wear the number 42 to mark 75 years since Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier and integrated professional sports. Creator Law Ware Source Publisher […]

‘An intellectual giant’: Michael A. Finney, CEO of Miami-Dade Beacon Council, dies at 65

Subject Miami-Dade; Beacon Council; Michael A. Finney Description Michael A. Finney, a dedicated and energetic champion of economic prosperity during his five-year tenure as CEO of Miami-Dade County’s Beacon Council, died Sunday after suffering a heart attack. Creator BY OMAR RODRÍGUEZ ORTIZ, TORRANCE LATHAM, AND ANDRES VIGLUCCI Source […]

Nick Saban lauds courage of Wilbur Jackson and John Mitchell, to be honored at A-Day

Subject Wilbur Jackson; John Mitchell; A-Day Description A little more than 50 years after Wilbur Jackson and John Mitchell broke the color barrier of Alabama football, the two pioneers will be honored as part of the school’s A-Day festivities Saturday. Creator By Mike Rodak | Source Publisher […]

Hampton University Names Alumnus and Retired Three-Star General Darrell Williams as New President

Subject Hampton University; General Darrell Williams; University President Description U.S. Army retired Lt. Gen. Darrell K. Williams, a 1983 graduate of Hampton University, will serve as the institution’s next president. Williams, chosen president on March 30 by the university’s Board of Trustees, brings four decades of proven success […]

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