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Conferences Promoting Positive Narratives

Uplifting Black Men Conference

The Student Success Center is eager to announce our 6th Annual Uplifting Black Men Conference that will be held virtually on Saturday, February 27, 2021, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Building upon previous thematic conferences, we have selected “I Got Next” as the theme for this year’s virtual conference. The mission of “I Got Next” is to inspire and empower this generation of Black men to achieve any goals that they want—to promote the importance of the journey and the work associated. This conference will provide a virtual space for participants to plan, execute, and assess their educational and personal goals with the help of renowned presenters.

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International Colloquium on Black Males in Education

Wisconsin’s Equity and Inclusion Laboratory (Wei LAB) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Todd Anthony Bell National Resource Center on the African American Male at The Ohio State University are excited to announce that the 2020 International Colloquium on Black Males in Education (ICBME) will be a virtual experience, with content and events happening each Tuesday in October 2020.

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Men of Color National Summit

The mission of the Clemson University Men of Color National Summit is to close the opportunity gap for African American and Hispanic males, from cradle to career. Bringing together approximately 2,000 high school and college students, business professionals, educators, government officials, and community leaders from around the country, the summit will emphasize the importance of education, best practices, and choices to increase high school and college graduation rates. The national conference will lead to awareness of the changing U.S. demographics by enhancing the experience of men of color through involvement and engagement, preparing them for a global mindset

Keywords: Men of Color, African American, Hispanic males

2021 Black Men in Leadership Conference

The Black Men in Leadership Conference aims to accelerate the process and provide crucial conversations, networking, and resources to make it happen. Attendees will hear from our guest speakers as they provide counterintuitive insights and strategies backed by the latest research highlighting the state of Black men in the workplace.

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Black Male Excellence Leadership Conference

As a member institution within The Saint Louis Regional Consortium of Higher Education Initiatives Supporting Black Male Success, the Saint Louis University Cross-Cultural Center and African American Males Scholars Program is pleased to host the 3rd Annual Black Male of Excellence Leadership Virtual Conference on February 6, 2021, 11 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. 

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Michigan Diversity Council presents the National Black Men in Leadership Summit. The theme for our 2021 Summit is, “Advancing Black Male Leaders: The Voice, Truths, and Power of Black Men”. Among Fortune 500 companies, less than 1% of CEOs are Black. Today there are only 4 Black CEOs according to Fortune. And over the past two decades, there have only been 18 Black CEOs in total. Companies are committing to and investing heavily in diversity and inclusion because more corporate leaders acknowledge that it makes good business sense. Despite progress over the years, Black men continue to be underrepresented in the C-Suite, boards, and executive leadership teams of businesses across the nation and still face obstacles to advancement that others don’t. This year’s summit will include a keynote address, general panel discussions, and breakout sessions that focus on topics related to leadership development and advancement. By bringing together successful Black male leaders who will offer their perspectives and experiences. Our goal is to educate, inspire, and encourage attendees to reflect on their own goals and status as they strive to advance within their respective organizations. And more than ever, we hope to help companies embrace and champion policies that dismantle an unjust system and move towards racial equity and inclusion in the workplace.

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Black Men Xcel

BMX is a groundbreaking leadership excellence conference for black men who are a valuable and necessary pool of talent for the success of companies, industries, communities, and the nation, supported and amplified by the robust multimedia activations of Black Enterprise, including digital, video, and social.

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The National Association of Black Journalists #InspireBlackMen initiative aims to inspire, support, and develop training and mentorship opportunities for Black men working in journalism and media and those that aspire to.

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