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Black Men Educators Convening: an inspirational gathering

Subject Educators; Conference; BMEC (Black Men Educators Convening) Description The statistics almost scream.  “Only three percent of teachers in the U.S. are Black men,” Roberto J. Rodriguez, assistant secretary in the Office of Planning, Evaluation and Policy Development in the U.S. Department, said at Black Men Educators Convening (BMEC), a gathering held from November 17 […]

UNEVEN GROUND Exceptional Black farmers and their fight to flourish in the South

Subject Black farmers; Black owned farms; narratives Description Black Americans reveled in a remarkable achievement just two generations after the Emancipation Proclamation: They owned an estimated 16 million acres of farmland.  The triumph would not last.  By 1990, Black farmers lost 90% of that land. Over that same period, white farmers lost only 2% percent of their acreage. This […]

Cuban musician Pablo Milanés dies aged 79

Subject Cuba; Pablo Milanés; Musicians; Afro-Latin Description Pablo Milanés, a Grammy award winner who was a key member of Cuba’s “nuevo trova” (new music) movement, has died aged 79. Affectionately known as Pablito, he was renowned for his poetic lyrics and emotional vocals on hits like Yolanda, Yo Me Quedo (I’m Staying) and Amo Esta […]

No Boundaries: O The Creator Believes in Art Through All Forms

Subject Omar Rashan; Indianapolis; Augmented Reality Art Description Omar Rashan, nicknamed “O the Creator,” is on a mission to develop the Indianapolis community through authenticity and creativity.  Rashan is what many would consider a jack of all trades—to him, no medium or art form is off-limits. The Indianapolis-based mixed-media creative has worked to create traditional […]

NC father sits in on son’s middle school class to address his behavior issues

Subject North Caroline; Father; Middle School; Corey Johnson; Description A father is taking matters into his own hands to improve his child’s behavior in school. He’s asking other parents with kids in the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools system to do the same. This week, the father spent multiple days in class with his son to make […]

Local Black artist receives Creative Renewal Arts Fellowship, aims to expand outside Indy

Subject Israel Solomon; Creative Renewal Arts Fellowship; Indianapolis Description Indianapolis-based visual artist Israel Solomon is one of 40 local creatives to receive the Creative Renewal Arts Fellowship through the Indy Arts Council. The grant, funded by Lilly Endowment, is awarded to artists across various creative mediums who have been working in the industry for at least five years. The […]

Shaka Zulu: The Mfecane

Subject Mfecane, Zulu Empire, Dingiswayo, Nungi, Warrior, Leadership Description “Crushing” is what the Nguni word “Mfecane” signifies. The name illustrates the depth of the upheaval among the Bantu-speaking peoples of southern Africa during the 1820s. The Sotho region call it “Difaqane” or “Lifaqane,” which means “forced migration” and “hammering,” respectively. After the spread of certain […]

William H. Richardson Inventor of the improved baby carriage

Subject William H. Richardson; Inventors; Baby Carriage Description In 1887, William H. Richardson patented an improved baby carriage, which he designed to be more comfortable and stable for infants. His invention included a new type of suspension system later adopted by the automobile industry. Richardson’s baby carriage was also the first to be equipped with […]

Harvey B. Gantt

Subject Charlotte; Mayor; North Carolina Description Harvey Gantt broke the color barrier in the South by becoming the first black mayor of a large city. He attended Clemson University after being born in Charlotte, North Carolina. A master’s degree in city planning from MIT followed. Gantt was elected mayor of Charlotte in 1983 after a […]

Volunteers with 100 Black Men of South Florida pack thousands of Thanksgiving meal boxes

Subject 100 Black Men of South Florida; Thanksgiving; Bobby Hall Description  Volunteers in Pembroke Park packed hope for families days before Thanksgiving. The nonprofit 100 Black Men of South Florida on Saturday helped put together thousands of boxes filled with food to make a Thanksgiving dinner. Participants assembled the boxes at Feeding South Florida‘s warehouse. Bobby Hall with […]


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