Steve Crump, revered WBTV reporter and documentarian, dies of colon cancer


WBTV; Charlotte; Steve Crump; Documentarian; Cancer


Steve Crump, the relentlessly positive, long-serving WBTV reporter who became a cancer-awareness activist after a 2018 diagnosis that some feared would take his life much more quickly, died Thursday morning after a yearslong battle with the colorectal form of the disease. He was 65, and spent far more than half his life — just shy of four decades — as a journalist at Channel 3 in Charlotte. WBTV announced Crump’s passing Thursday afternoon. The news came just over two months after Crump had hosted a “Five Year Cancer Survivors Brunch” to thank family, friends and colleagues who had supported him through his journey, and for which he had mementos made that read: “On July 22 2018 my cancer diagnosis continued with one doctor suggesting that I be placed in hospice. We found a successful second opinion and five years later we’re still here.” Less than a week later, he shared a photo to his social media of himself with various tubes affixed to his chest with a caption announcing that he was “back in the pokey,” as he’d grown fond of calling the hospital over the years. It would wind up serving as his final public appearance on any media format.






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