‘The Point’ was once Haddonfield’s vibrant Black community. Now their stories will be preserved.


Preserving Black Haddonfield History Project


Having grown up in Haddonfield, Malcolm Talton has become accustomed to telling the little-known story of “The Point,” the segregated neighborhood where a small-but-vibrant Black community thrived for more than a century.

Now, Talton, 69, a retired Cape May County teacher, hopes to share the stories of Black residents through Preserving Black Haddonfield History Project, which aims to bridge racial gaps by educating the predominantly white South Jersey community about its past. Volunteers with the project are gathering first-person accounts, organizing walking tours and holding workshops.

“It’s surprising that many people outside of town didn’t know there was a significant African American community in town,” said C. Adrienne Rhodes, who grew up in Haddonfield and is the founder of the project.


Melanie Burney




The Philadelphia Inquirer


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