Universal Studio Group’s UCP teams up with Nigeria’s Comic Republic in new TV series deal


Jide Martin; Universal Studio; Comic Republic


Growing up, Jide Martin’s dream was to create a universe of superheroes like the ones in the comic books he read as a teenager.

“My mother bought me comics. I just loved them and what they stood for. I used to put a blank paper underneath the comics and trace them,” he said.

That childhood dream would come true when Martin started Comic Republic in 2013, a Nigerian multimedia company focused on creating and distributing original African comic books – a dream that took an even bigger leap forward last week.

In a “first-of-its-kind partnership,” American television production studio Universal Content Production (UCP), which operates within the Universal Studio Group, announced that a number of TV shows will be developed based on characters from Comic Republic’s “Vanguards.”

The “Vanguards” comics tell the story of members of the “first race,” who have superhuman powers. In the Vanguards Universe, heroes come together as humankind’s first line of defense, protecting the people of Lagos from members of the first race seeking to punish them.


By Aisha Salaudeen, CNN






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