David Harewood’s portrait will hang in stately home owned by family that enslaved his ancestors


David Harewood; Portrait; England


Aportrait of the British actor David Harewood has been commissioned to hang in a stately home belonging to the aristocratic family that once enslaved his ancestors.

The portrait of the “Homeland” star will hang on the walls of Harewood House, an 18th-century property near Leeds, northern England, built upon the vast fortune made by Henry Lascelles through the slave trade. Harewood’s ancestors were enslaved on a Caribbean sugar plantation owned by the family.

“To have my portrait presented at Harewood House brings on many complex emotions,” Harewood said in a statement sent to CNN. “It is a day that is well overdue for me and my ancestors, a day that sees their efforts and hard work finally acknowledged. I am pleased that we have reached a point when this can happen and I hope it might encourage positive change elsewhere.”


Written byLianne Kolirin, CNNLondon






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