No Boundaries: O The Creator Believes in Art Through All Forms


Omar Rashan; Indianapolis; Augmented Reality Art


Omar Rashan, nicknamed “O the Creator,” is on a mission to develop the Indianapolis community through authenticity and creativity. 

Rashan is what many would consider a jack of all trades—to him, no medium or art form is off-limits. The Indianapolis-based mixed-media creative has worked to create traditional art, augmented reality art, a wine brand, candles, a podcast, and so many more projects. Rashan said his open-minded approach to creating art through all forms comes from his belief system.

“There’s no boundaries,” Rashan said. “You shouldn’t put any limitations on these things. As you learn one thing, you can easily learn the next thing just as fast. Me, what I’ve learned on a spiritual level, everything is connected. So there’s no reason to overthink. You just gotta be bold enough to take the step.”

Within his creation process, Rashan intentionally incorporates connectivity between his projects, particularly through finding different channels to distribute art. The work he does is layered, with each project being tied back to his goal of adding to Indianapolis’ culture and aiding his community by providing artists with platforms and steady income. 

Most recently, Rashan has been working to introduce augmented reality art to the Indianapolis community in hopes of sparking increased engagement with art and culture.


Written By Katie Freeman




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