Founder of Black men’s health group says he wants to create space to talk ‘unique issues’


Jude Clyke; Health and Wellness; Black Men’s Wellness Group


The founder of a group where Black men can meet and discuss health and wellness says he hopes an upcoming event offers a safe space for Black men to talk about these issues and more.

Jude Clyke is the organizer behind the Black Men’s Wellness Group, which is hosting a meeting Saturday, Nov. 5 at 1pm in the Unity Room of the Colchester-East Hants Public Library.

Clyke said the focal point of the meetings is to create awareness about Black men and mental health.

“We as a community and we as Black men have unique issues and concerns that we need to struggle through and I want to create a safe space where people feel comfortable having those discussions,” Clyke said.

Awareness of your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and awareness of the things that are going on around you. In a general sense, that’s kind of how I define it.”

The monthly meetings, Clyke said, started just over a year ago and have been attended by Black men ranging in age from high school students to seniors, as well as fathers and their sons. The meetings are open to all Black men. 

“It’s provided an opportunity for men to express themselves around some issues that we don’t normally get the chance to discuss,” Clyke said.

Though he said attendance has dropped the last few meetings, Clyke said he hopes this Saturday’s meeting will help continue important discussions among Black men about self-awareness and mental health.

“If we’re talking about coping, if we’re talking about resilience, if we’re talking about decision making, and what makes you happy. How do you find peace? How do you strive for more? What are your goals for the year?” said Clyke. “These types of questions require a little bit of self-reflection and allow the people who are listening to gain experience.”






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