Black Men’s Legacy Summit delivers needed hope and energy


Black Men’s Legacy Summit; North Minneapolis; Rev Alford Babington


The recent Black Men’s Legacy Summit featured a powerful group of panelists and moderators. The Oct. 29 event in North Minneapolis showcased Black men who are widely respected and highly knowledgeable in their disciplines, as well as many being dynamic speakers. 

The Summit, held at NorthPoint Health and Wellness Center, opened with remarks by BuildWealth MN’s David McGee and Jeff Robinson. They were followed by Rev. Alford Babington of the Stairstep Foundation and Trent Bowman of Midwest One Bank. They addressed the question: Why are we here?

Their remarks then led to a sit-down pen-and-paper session with Dr. Mahmoud El-Kati—one of the more renowned and respected historians in the world—giving a profound presentation titled “How did we get Here?” 

Dr. El-Kati set the tone—any conversation following him would have to be outstanding and the panelists would not disappoint. The theme of the day was “Reclaiming Control of our Future” to which all panelists spoke powerfully throughout the event. The topics ranged from history and the relationship with faith to the power of land equity. 

McGee, who spoke on land and homeownership equity, had this to say: “Black women outpace Black men in homeownership, employment, and other sectors. We felt it was important to bring Black men together to pour into and help them—us—reclaim our rightful place in the home and our community.”


by Al Brown 





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