Black men say they feel ignored by politicians. A historic Senate face-off between two Black men isn’t helping


Senate; Aaron Bethea; U.S. Midterm Elections


Aaron Bethea says he has voted election after election for US presidents, governors and senators — and yet those lawmakers have done little to nothing to improve life for him, his family or his community.

Bethea said he believes the issues he cares about, financial freedom and equal investment in predominately Black schools, have largely been ignored.

“Where we are from, nobody really cares about what Black men think,” said Bethea, an Atlanta father of six who owns a wholesale company that sells televisions. “They don’t do anything for us.”

Bethea, 40, said he still plans to vote Democratic in Georgia’s hotly contested gubernatorial and US Senate races. But he’s not voting with enthusiasm. He said he is hoping that one day someone will prioritize the needs of Black men.


By Nicquel Terry Ellis, CNN




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