Black Excellence: A Black-Led Organization Redefining The Portrayal of Black Men In The Media


Media; Black Men; Community; Black Excellence


More than ever, we must transform our communities to be stronger allies and thrive even more. One way and another, we are all in this together. When it comes to instilling positive and indelible impact on the lives of many, especially those who aren’t always heard, then it’s time to ring up changemakers. One trailblazing organization creating a space for generative discourse on unique challenges facing black men is the Black Men’s Style association. Here to activate change while uplifting black communities, Black Men’s Style is on a mission to break systemic barriers negatively affecting black men. Building on their track record of extraordinary ventures, the Black-Led, Black- Focused and Black-Serving organization aims to change the dominant narrative on how black men are viewed due to distorted representation from media of all forms.


Tosin Ajogbeje




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