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We’ve gone from the age of Aquarius to the age of the metaverse. The way the hippies on San Francisco hills sang of the oncoming shift in consciousness and modern society, we have been filling our timelines and cafe conversations with opinions and predictions about the metaverse. Black people, in particular, have had some pretty interesting, and funny, takes. There have been jokes about racism in this virtual world, comments on the absurdity of things like virtual real estate and art, and worries about this being just a new opportunity to exclude communities.

Through all the fear and righteous skepticism, there has been a community of Black men embodying the concept of “meta” and looking beyond all the questions with eyes open to opportunity and using their minds and hands in building the metaverse.

The metaverse and all the new technologies surrounding it, and tech in general, have all been targets of justified criticism. Over the last few years there have been countless articles about the tech industry’s lack of diversity, racism coded into artificial intelligence, and backlash from the Black community towards the NFT project, Bored Apes.

“They’re selling Black people apes.” Master investor, Ian Dunlap, would constantly say, shaking his head.

Let’s take a look at some of the Black visionaries who are shaping this new world and finding gold in a new frontier.


In the world of digital art, Hi Tech Heroes create Afro Futuristic NFTs and use their social media presence to cultivate a community that teaches the new technology as much as it creates. Digital art and NFTs are an incredible way to tap into the endless well of Black imagination, creativity, and global influence and form a new path to financial prosperity, security, and generational wealth. Beautiful art and a beautiful community, there’s support from influencers and aficionados like Cuy Sheffield who passionately wrote about collecting digital art by Black creators in the article, Why I’m Collecting Black Crypto Art.


Vince Wicker, known as “The DeFi Professor” is an writer and expert on decentralization, NFTs, DeFi, and everything in between related to Web3 and the metaverse. Experts are keys in bridging the Black community to good, dependable information. Just like the metaverse is a great opportunity to make money, create art, invest, and learn new skills, it’s also a great opportunity for scammers and misinformation from YouTube “gurus” selling courses and fishing for clicks. Finding someone you can trust and learn from is the determining factor in succeeding and not becoming a victim to making bad moves based on bad information.


Earn Your Leisure is a groundbreaking network, podcast, and platform that digs into all things money and technology related. They give an opportunity for rising Black talent and figures and highlight every industry and opportunity imaginable. Known for their investment and business acumen, they equally discuss and facilitate education on Web3, the metaverse, NFTs, and every part of the blockchain. They noticed the need for financial literacy, business opportunities,  and knowledge of how to best utilize new technologies and created a solution. Aside from giving information, they show how all these different worlds coincide and how to operate at the highest level within it all.

The metaverse is a new world, but we’ve been here before. Any new technology and dramatic shift can be scary, but the remedy for fear is knowledge. And fortunately, there’s a collection of expert and creative Black men who are taking their knowledge, insight, and foresight and working diligently to ensure the Black community remains fearless in the face of a changing world.


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