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A man drowning in Virginia Beach, Virginia was rescued by a Charlotte Fire firefighter who was there on vacation.

The incident happened at a beach when off-duty Charlotte Fire firefighter Demario House was spending the Labor Day weekend with his two young sons.

“The day started just like any other day.  Me and my two sons were just spending time together at the beach. Just normal father, son time, but things changed quick,” said House. 

The two junior House kids, 7-year-old Miracle and 4-year-old Caiden, couldn’t wait to hop in the water, but first the family wanted to find the perfect spot in the sand to enjoy a beautiful day. 

They chose a spot where House could keep an eye on the boys if they wanted to play in the water. 

Dad gave the go-ahead for the boys to storm the water and the day morning began.

The beach was crowded with people and a clear, hot day at the beach, and the boys coaxed dad to join them in the water.

“I was sitting on the beach watching my sons, and I looked up and could see what looked like a silhouette of what looked like a person floating in the water,” House said. “I stood up. and I could see that silhouette or person going up and down in the water with the current. My first instinct was to check it out and see what was going on.” 

House walked toward the water where his sons were playing in ankle deep water.


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