Six Black Men who Impacted Me and Changed My Life By


Black Life; Mentorship


I speak a lot about how my Mother changed my life. I talk and write about how I learned about my working in her store, buying and selling goods like pants, underwear, shirts, dresses, blouses, tables, chairs, books, bicycles, beds lamps and the whole range of merchandise shorts of automobiles. We went to the yard sales and rummage sales where people sold what they no longer wanted or could use.

I also write about the Black men who changed my life, the preacher who owned the barber shop, the shoeshine men who owned the Shoeshine stands, the barbers who owned the barber shops, and the newspaper men who owned the newspapers stand. All set the examples for the direction of my life. I shined shoes in a barber shop, and later at a shoe shine stand and later I owned my own barber shop. 


Joe C. Hopkins, Journal Publisher




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