The Boss: Why a diagnosis kept Mark Yancy grounded


Mark Yancy; Nashville Health; Nonprofits


Nashville may be the health care capital of the country, but when it comes to the health of its citizens, Music City is in critical condition. It’s Mark Yancy’s mission to change that. Earlier this year, the Memphis native was named CEO of NashvilleHealth, a nonprofit aimed at improving health outcomes and closing the gap in health disparities across Middle Tennessee. Yancy says Nashville has fallen behind peer cities — like Austin and Charlotte — when it comes to key health metrics such as life expectancy, obesity and infant mortality. That’s not just bad for people, it’s bad for business, he said. We recently sat down with the former DaVita Kidney Care executive to find out the best places to eat in Memphis, why he has his eye on a pilot’s license and how he was cured of a lifelong illness.


By Joel Stinnett  –  Senior Reporter, Nashville Business Journal




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