Roger Mooking on Black History Month in Canada


Roger Mooking; Black History Month; Canada


Black History Month has meant many things to me over the years, and my relationship with it changes almost annually. In my formative years growing up in Edmonton, Alberta, Black History Month was a welcome anomaly from my day-to-day reality and something I embraced like a Kardashian to a selfie. Since then, I’ve felt all the emotions for this month, ranging from pride to disdain smeared with a trailer load of aloofness. It isn’t straightforward. It is necessary to recognize our heroes and educate every generation. The other side of this algebraic equation has me perpetually asking, “who has granted us this opportunity,” given there is an undeniable power-play in this dynamic. There is no “white history month” because, well…that history will never be relegated at all and indeed not designated to 28 (9 with a leap year) days of the 365-day calendar.


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