Month: October 2021

Twitter Calls Out Colin Kaepernick for Comparing NFL Recruitment to Slavery

Subject Sports; Football; Slavery Description Colin Kaepernick has come under fire after a tweet shared a clip from his new Netflix series, Colin In Black and White, in which he draws comparisons between the NFL and slavery. Creator  Tai Saint-Louis Source Publisher File

A New Program Empowers Black Men Across Washtenaw County

Subject Community; Brotherhood; Activism Description Empowering Black men across Washtenaw County is the goal of a new community program being launched this weekend. WEMU’s Lisa Barry talks with the man behind the initiative, Nate Frazier, about his ideas. Creator Lisa Barry Source Publisher File

The Original Black Media King

Subject Media; Entrepreneurship; Advertising Description In the late 1950s, long before he would be appreciated as one of the country’s most prominent Black media executives, Byron Lewis had a job working the weekend shift on the classified pages of The New York Times. Creator Ginia Bellafante Source Publisher […]

DeSoto’s ‘Renaissance Man’, Managing Dir. of Library Services’ Brings Experience To DeSoto

Subject Library Director; Managing Director; Executive Description If you have not heard the City of DeSoto has a new Managing Director of Library Services guru, now you know. The newly appointed library guru recently completed his first one hundred days. Creator Rita Cook Source Publisher File

Smithsonian Traveling Exhibition Celebrates Transformative Leaders in the Black Community

Subject Smithsonian; Leaders; Exhibits Description “Men of Change” highlights revolutionary men – including Muhammad Ali, James Baldwin, Ta-Nehisi Coates, W.E.B. Du Bois and Kendrick Lamar – whose journeys have altered the history and culture of the country through politics, sports, science, entertainment, business, and religion. Creator Source […]

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