Adhoc Mobile Power Connectivity Using a Wireless Power Transmission Grid


Wireless Charging; Mobile Devices; Wearables


Wireless charging of devices has significant outcomes for mobile devices, IoT devices and wearables. Existing technologies consider using Point to Point type wireless transfer from a transmitter Tx (node that is sending Power) to a receiver Rx (node that receives power), limiting the coverage area for devices. As a result, existing systems are forced to use near-field coupling to charge such devices. The fundamental limitation is also that such methods limit assigning to a small hotspot. In partnership with Wireless Electrical Grid LANs (WiGL pronounced “wiggle”), we demonstrate patented Ad-hoc mesh networking method (s) to provide wireless recharging at over 5 feet from the source, while allowing significant lateral movement of the receiver on the WiGL (Wireless Grid LAN or local area network).


Pawan Gaire, Dieff Vital, Md Rayhan Khan, Cherif Chibane and Shubhendu Bhardwaj



Nature Publishing Group