Month: September 2021

Dulé Hill: A Letter to My Son About Carrying Lightness Through Life

Subject Letter; Father and Son; Television Show Description A two-year-old is full of joy, love, and lightness. He will need to work to hold onto that. But it’s a worthy effort — the only one that truly matters. Creator Dulé Hill Source Publisher File

Hispanic Heritage Month: Afro-Cubans Share Perspective on Cuba’s Historic Protests

Subject Afro-Cuban; Hispanic Heritage; Cuba Description The author discusses the hardships of fleeing Cuba as a child. Creator Michelle Quesada Source Publisher File

John James Sr. Drove Past the Obstacles and Is Now Passing It On

Subject Transportation; People; Detroit Description John A. James Sr.’s foray into the trucking business in 1971 started when he learned of an opportunity to haul Schlitz beer from Milwaukee to Detroit for a local beer distributor. Creator Chad Livengood  Source Publisher File

Work Of First African American Painter With International Reputation Explored

Subject Painter; Henry Ossawa Tanner; Expatriate Description Quite the gentleman. Born in Pittsburgh, 1859. Grew up in Philadelphia. Died an expatriate in Paris. “He saw right away that he could do better in France,” says Dallas Museum of Art curator Sue Canterbury. Creator SUSAN STAMBERG Source Publisher […]

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