Month: March 2021

West Palm Beach Author Honored for Penning Book on Issues Facing Black Men in America

Subject Author, Awards, Black Life Description A West Palm Beach native was honored this month for his book that analyzes Black men’s problems in America. Elvin Dowling published his book “Still Invisible? Examining America’s Black Male Crisis” in January 2020. Creator Sabirah Rayford Source Publisher File

John David Washington Recalls Sweet Moment Between Him and Father Denzel Washington on the Set of Glory

Subject Father And Son; Actors; Film Description “Glory” was such a moment, not just in film history, but for Denzel Washington’s career. Creator Adreon Patterson Source Publisher File

Emory Black Men’s Initiative Continues To Expand During Pandemic

Subject Higher Education; Emory University; Atlanta Description Strength In Unity; Despite being in the majority Black city of Atlanta, Black males make up just 1.7% of the Emory College students as of 2019, according to Dean of Admission John Latting. Creator Ulia Ahn Source Publisher File

Vaux H.S. mentoring program has lost two students to gun violence. Now, 100 Black Men is out to save the rest.

Subject Manhood; Mentoring Program; Vaux High School Description The single most important thing that the mentors do for their mentees is show up. Many of the participants don’t have fathers at home. Creator Jenice Armstrong Source Publisher File

WSU Student Starts Petition To Get Law Enforcement Who Shoot Unarmed Persons a Mandatory 15-Year Sentence

Subject Police Brutality; Police Reform Description The Petition For A Change; In December 2018, Travis Washington created the ‘Hands Up Act,’ requiring police officers who shoot unarmed citizens to serve a mandatory 15-year sentence. Creator Audrey Korte Source Publisher File

Jake From State Farm Is South Side Kevin Miles: A Year Into the Role, He Can’t Answer Your Questions About Insurance, but He Sure Can Sell It

Subject Television; Actors Description Jake From State Farm; Talking with Kevin Miles, aka “Jake from State Farm,” the connection is immediate. Creator DARCEL ROCKETT Source Publisher File


Subject Contemporary Art, Sculpture; Description “Inspired by the medieval Kingdoms of West Africa and the visionary scope of Afrofuturism” Creator JEPCHUMBA Source Publisher File

More Oscar History Made As Two Black Composers Are Nominated for Best Original Score

Subject Musicians; Academy Awards Description Black Composers Stepping It Up; The Academy music branch made Oscar history yesterday by nominating two films with Black composers for best original score: “Soul” and “Da 5 Bloods.” Creator Jon Burlingame Source Publisher File

Black Men’s Forum Discusses Black Womanhood, Black Artistry With Nia Long

Subject Artistry; Black Womanhood; Actress Description Award-winning actress Nia T. Long discussed her artistry and experiences as a Black woman in the film industry during a webinar hosted by the Harvard Black Men’s Forum Monday. Creator Audrey M. Apollon and Leah J. Teichholtz Source Publisher File

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