Year: 2021

‘Black Men Engaged’ Group Hands Out Turkeys, Hams and COVID-19 Information to Durkeeville Neighbors

Subject  Jacksonville; Black Men Engaged; COVID-19; Community Service Description The event was headlined with a free turkey and ham giveaway to families who live in the area. The community leaders and Black Men Engaged also set up free COVID-19 vaccinations and consultations with healthcare professionals. Creator Josh Beauchamp, Audience […]

A Black Teenager Was Stopped by Police After the Kankakee Courthouse Shooting and Spent the Night in Jail. He Was Never a Suspect

Subject Kankakee; Courthouse; False Accusation; Profiling Description The Black male, the one he described as “running away from the scene” after shots were fired, was not connected to the case after all. He was, however, being held on an unrelated, unspecified charge. Creator  Mariah Rush and Stacy St. Clair Source […]

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