Month: November 2020

How Ed Hennings Went From 20 Years in Prison to Sought After Business Man and Motivational Speaker

Subject Convict; Business Man; Motivational Speaker Description First-degree intentional homicide is a Class A felony that results in life imprisonment if convicted. Creator Gayneté Jones Source Publisher File

New Releases from Sonny Rollins and Charles Mingus Reveal Crucial Conceptions of Political Art

Subject Great Jazz Musicians Description Jazz and the civil-rights movement were closely intertwined. Two musicians whose work was at the forefront of this intersection, Sonny Rollins and Charles Mingus, have new releases this month of rediscovered concert and radio performances that relate to the struggle—one symbolically, one explicitly. […]

Watch Insecure’s Jay Ellis Attempt to Make His Mom’s Thanksgiving Dumpling Recipe

Subject Family Recipe, Thanksgiving; Black Actor Description The actor had some help from his best friend, chef Rosecleer-Marie, in the new Grey Goose Holiday Best video series. Creator Claudia Harmata Source Publisher File

David N. Dinkins, New York’s First Black Mayor, Dies at 93

Subject New York; Politics, History Description Mr. Dinkins, who served in the early 1990s, was seen as a compromise selection for voters weary of racial unrest, crime, and fiscal turmoil. The racial harmony he sought remained elusive during his years in office. Creator Robert D. McFadden Source […]

40 Years Ago: Eddie Murphy Makes His First ‘SNL’ Appearance

Subject Unforgettable Moment; SNL; Legacy Description Eddie Murphy will always be considered one of the most extraordinary talents featured on Saturday Night Live. However, the comedian’s first appearance on the show was largely forgettable. Creator Corey Irwin Source Publisher File

‘What Is the Glass Ceiling of Our Industry?’: Meet the Black Teen Who Produced Robert De Niro’s Latest Blockbuster Hit

Subject Entertainment; Film; Description The October 2020 box-office release “The War with Grandpa” has already brought close to $15 million in the United States.  Creator Rae Williams Source Publisher File

The Challenges Facing Black Men and the Case for Action

Subject Overcoming Challenges As A Black Man Description To be male, poor, and either African American or Native American is to confront, on a daily basis, a deeply held racism that exists in every social institution. Creator Richard V. Reeves, Sarah Nzau, and Ember Smith Source Publisher […]

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