A Wireless Power Transfer System (Wpts) Using Misalignment Resilient, On-Fabric Resonators for Wearable Applications


Fabric-integrated, wireless power transfer, wearable applications


This paper demonstrates a fabric-integrated, near-zone wireless power transfer system, which uses a newly developed misalignment resilient antennae for inductive power transfer in wearable applications. The antenna consists of an anchor-shaped geometry, which combines electric and magnetic field couplings in the near field to achieve a high power transfer efficiency (PTE) of 85% even under lateral misalignment. Improvement in PTE for lateral and angular misalignment cases is demonstrated, facilitating the near-zone power transfer for practical use cases. The proposed antenna and rectifier system was fabricated on a textile substrate using conductive thread embroidery for fabric integration. We report the PTE of the developed antennas variation with different misalignment cases.


Dieff Vital, John L Volakis and Shubhendu Bhardwaj