Month: February 2020

Black Men Asked To Make Pledge Against Violence With “1,000 Man March”

Subject March For Awareness; Community Description The Ouachita Parish NAACP is making a stand against violence among black men in Monroe with its first-ever “1,000 Man March.” Creator Nydja Hood Source Publisher File

Berkeley’s California Typewriter to close after 70 years of service

Subject Typewriters; Berkeley; Herb Permillion Description After opening its doors to service manual and electric typewriters, printers and business machines in 1949, Berkeley’s California Typewriter is set to close by March 31, as first reported by Berkeleyside.  Creator BY MELA SEYOUM | SENIOR STAFF Source Publisher File

Before Nintendo and Atari: How a Black Engineer Changed the Video Game Industry Forever

Subject Video Games; Console Development; Engineer Description Each evokes memories of the golden age of video games, which brought the first wave of consoles you could connect to your home television. Creator Mike Snider Source Publisher File

Doctor Who Treated First Chicago Coronavirus Patients Describes Unknowns During Outbreak’s Beginning

Subject Coronavirus; Chicago; On the Frontlines Description The local doctor who treated the first, and so far, only coronavirus patients in the Chicago area described what it was like to be on the frontlines of the global outbreak. Creator Dina Bair, Katharin Czink Source Publisher File

Four Black Men Set the Stage for Fair Housing in Grand Rapids With One Neighborhood

Subject Real Estate; Housing; Grand Rapids Description Dr. Julius Franks, Samuel Triplett, JE Adams, and Joseph Lee fought redlining in the city, and after a long legal battle, they won. Creator Matt Gard Source Publisher File

Jaime Harrison Is Running To Unseat Lindsey Graham and Change the Face of Southern Politics

Subject Politics; South Carolina Description Hungry For A Change the South Carolina Democratic leader believes a ‘new south’ is emerging. Creator Madison J. Gray Source–lindsey-graham-and-chan.html?fbclid=IwAR0g0ouMEmKlxBt6hIUSlrbu-jp2PaG-uAKN17Os8diaJWWQvxyjexY5RUs Publisher File

Nikole Hannah-Jones Talks to Jason Reynolds and Ibram X. Kendi About Their Book, “Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You.”

Subject Arming The Youths With Knowledge; Books; Racism; Education Description Nikole Hannah-Jones, the founder of the 1619 Project, spoke to Jason Reynolds and Ibram X. Kendi about their collaboration on Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You. Creator Nikole Hannah-Jones Source Publisher File

Robert F. Smith on Becoming the Richest Black Man in America, What Companies Get Wrong About Diversity, and What He’s Doing To Help Mint More Black Billionaires

Subject Liberating The Human Spirit; Business; Wealth Description Robert F. Smith is the richest of the five Black billionaires in the United States. Jay-Z, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, and David Steward are the other Black billionaires. Creator Taylor Nicole Rogers Source Publisher File

Black Man Sues After Hospital Co-Worker Calls Him ‘Boy’ and Another Admits Fear of ‘Big Black Men’

Subject Taking A Stand; Discrimination; Healthcare Description For black people working in predominantly white professional environments, it can often feel like having two jobs while only being compensated for one form of labor. Creator Zack Linly Source Publisher File

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