Month: October 2019

Designing Justice + Designing Spaces Builds Infrastructure To End Mass Incarceration

Subject Oakland; Justice; Serving the Community Description While “justice” might be considered too abstract a design initiative for most architects, it has become a second language for the Oakland-based Designing Justice + Designing Spaces (DJDS). Creator Shane Reiner-Roth Source Publisher File

Black Men in Knoxville Got Politically Active in the 1870s

Subject Civil Rights Description In 1866, Melvin J.R. Gentle was the chairman of the state Colored Citizens Convention, which petitioned the state legislature to give black men the right to vote. Creator Robert J. Booker Source Publisher File

The Ivorian Student Who Has Created Downloadable African Emojis

Subject Black Emojis Now On The Market Description Faced with how WhatsApp did not cover the full range of African realities through their emojis, O’Plerou Grebet took it upon himself to develop more than 350 downloadable African emojis. Creator Takudzwa Hillary Chiwanza Source Publisher File

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