Month: May 2018

Songster Dom Flemons Brings Back the Melodies of the Black Cowboy

Subject Folkways; Black Cowboys; Dom Flemons Description The Latest from Folkways, a Label Marking 70 Years, revives music traditions from the African American ranch crews of the West. Creator Roger Catlin Source Publisher SMITHSONIANMAG.COM File

Remembering Thomas Mundy Peterson, the First Black Man To Vote in the U.S in 1870

Subject The Iconic Voter; History Description Born on October 6, 1824, Thomas Mundy Peterson was a school custodian from Perth Amboy, New Jersey. He became the first African American to vote in the United States. Creator Mildred Europa Taylor Source Publisher File

Teen Who Grew Up in Homeless Shelters Earns Full Ride to Harvard University

Subject Higher Education; Inspiration Description A total of 39,506 people applied for a spot in Harvard University’s undergraduate class of 2021, and just 2,037 were accepted — that’s an acceptance rate of roughly 5.2 percent. Zero students were taken off the waitlist. Creator Abigail Johnson Hess Source […]

Edmond Albius, the Slave African Child Who Created the Multimillion-Dollar Vanilla Industry

Subject Man Behind The Vanilla Flavor Description Vanilla is one of the world’s popular spice. The expensive ingredient is the principal flavouring in ice-creams and cola drinks and is usually used in some fine perfumes and delicacies in the world. Creator Mildred Europa Taylor Source Publisher […]

One Hundred Years Ago, the Harlem Hellfighters Bravely Led the U.S. Into WWI

Subject The Hellfighters Story; History; Military Description Their courage made headlines across the country, hailing the African-American regiment as heroes even as they faced discrimination at home. Creator Erick Trickey Source Publisher File

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