Recollections of Society Hill from William Faulkner


William Faulkner; Society Hill; Darlington, S.C.


The News and Press was fortunate to receive a letter from Sarah B. Moore (nee Sarah Martha Burn of Society Hill) who now resides in Columbia; she enclosed two articles found among the papers of her Aunt Florence H. Burn by William J. Faulkner. “Everyone that has read them think they are a remarkable description of the times,” wrote Mrs. Moore. “I hope you will consider printing them in the News and Press.” William J. Faulkner (1891 – 1987) was born in Society Hill and noted author of the book of folk tales entitled “The Days When the Animals Talked”, tales he remembered being told as a child by Simon Brown, a former slave from Virginia that was hired by Faulkner’s widowed mother to help care for the family farm.


By Jana E. Pye, Editor




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