Year: 2012

One on one with Michael Lee-Chin

Subject News; Articles; Business Description One of the first things you notice when meeting billionaire entrepreneur Michael Lee-Chin is his commitment to punctuality. And that, it must be said, has nothing to do with the fact that he often helicopters to work. Both time and speed are of […]

Lenny Henry interview

Subject Interviews Description Elvis Presley was a huge influence on Lenny Henry’s career. The comedian started his showbiz journey (way before the Indian man, Pat-Elvis) as perhaps the first non-white male to take on the challenge of impersonating the ‘King’, having been coerced by his friends at the […]

P.K. Subban’s Contract

Subject Sports Description Whenever the NHL lockout finally comes to an end, the first order of business for the Montreal Canadiens should be re-signing young blueline star P.K. Subban to a new, long-term contract. Since his debut with the Canadiens during their surprising march to the 2010 Eastern […]

Richard Ayoade

Subject Art Description The Barbican’s current ‘Step into the Dark’ season explores the darker side of film, immersing audiences into the worlds of surrealism, dystopia, and mystery. The climax is Seven Deadly Sins, a series of events in which various authorities on the visual arts, including Mike Leigh, […]

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