Month: May 2006

Stakes are high for rapper

Subject Art Description There’s a heap of running shoes in the doorway of the house that Rollie Pemberton shares with three other people. On his walls, in a small room away from his quiet street on Edmonton’s south side, are posters for Interpol, Death from Above 1979 and […]

Rio: “Failure Criminal”

Subject Sports; Football Description Last year, Benfica came from a goal behind to beat United at the Stadio da Luz to dump the Reds out of the competition – without even the consolation of a UEFA Cup place. “It does grate with us that we have had to […]

On the Pleasure of Hating Kobe Bryant

Subject Sports; Basketball Description When the Phoenix Suns embarrassed Kobe Bryant’s Lakers this weekend in what should have been a classic Game 7, it marked the beginning of a kind of spiritual vacation for me. I detest Kobe with such bilious overpowering fervor that, when he’s playing well, […]

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