Month: December 2004

Person of the Year 2004

Subject Scholarly Articles Description He showed amazing athletic prowess by starting some days in court and ending them on court. But amid the Lakers’ play-off swoon and his sexual-assault case, it was Bryant’s image that took the real beating. After his accuser chose not to testify, Bryant still […]

Kobe Bryant would apologize to Shaq

Subject Sports; Baseball Description Lakers star Kobe Bryant wants to apologize to former teammate Shaquille O’Neal for mentioning his name during a police interview last year. Bryant appeared on ESPN’s “Pardon The Interruption” and “NBA Shootaround” on Wednesday and said he never meant to bring up O’Neal’s name […]

I’m a nerd and I’m proud

Subject Media; Social Media Description Shaun Wallace is a barrister, a football nut – and now the first black winner of Mastermind. But, as he tells Stephen Moss, what he really wants to be is the oldest rapper in town. Shaun Wallace must be the coolest ever Mastermind […]

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